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Aerostar Aircraft – A Brief History

Ted Smith (also designed the twin engine Aero Commander) designed and started manufacturing Aerostars in 1969 in Van Nuys, CA.  Ted sold the type certificate and production parts and tooling to American Cement Company in 1969.  In 1972 Ted bought back the entire lot from Butler Aviation and relocated the factory to Santa Maria, CA.  Ted passed away in 1976.  Aerostars were produced in Santa Maria through 1978 when Piper Aircraft Company acquired Aerostar from the Smith family and eventually relocated the production line to Vero Beach, FL.  Piper produced Aerostars until 1984 when they shut down the line.  The type certificate, drawings, production fixtures, parts, etc. were sold to Steve Speer and Jim Christy in 1991 and relocated to Spokane, WA.  Speer and Christy formed Aerostar Aircraft Corporation (AAC) which exist today in Coeur d’alene, ID.  No Aerostars have been produced since production was shut down by Piper in 1984.


Stock Aerostar models


Model 600 certified 1968

Model 601 certified 1969

Model 601P certified 1974

Model 700P certified 1984


Aerostar Aircraft Corporation

AAC provides full support and new parts for Aerostars today.  All parts for any Aerostar are available.  AAC also provides upgrades and modifications of Aerostar 601P & 700P’s which are renamed as to the extent of the modifications, as Superstar 650, 680, & 700 models.



Aerostar Aircraft Corporation

Coeur d’alene Airport

10555 Airport Dr.

Hayden Lake, ID  83835

800-442-4242 Office

208-762-0338 Office

208-762-8349 FAX



Aerostar Maintenance

In addition to AAC there are over nine other facilities located throughout the USA that specialize in Aerostar aircraft maintenance.


N44AQ has been maintained for the last 6 years by one these facilities:


The Flight Shop, Inc.

Bill Bridges

P.O. Box 602

Brigham City, UT  84302


435-723-1736 FAX

E-mail: sales@theflightshop.com

Aerostar Owners Association

Aerostar aircraft owners formed an owners association:


Aerostar Owners Association

P.O. Box 460

Valdosta, GA  31603


229-244-2604 FAX


E-mail: info@aerostar-owners.com